Infrastructure & Amenities

We will provide for a gated and guarded industrial park with perimeter fencing equipped with CCTV and infrared cameras to provide eyes on the ground.

Our Central Monitoring Stations will provide 24/7 monitoring and tactical personnel to promptly respond to any intrusions or emergencies.

Our primary road accessing PeIP is 100 feet wide for ease of transporting large equipment and structures.

We strata-titled our development where management and upkeep of infrastructure, facilities and amenities are undertaken by the body corporate to enhance value of your property and investments.

Our power and telecommunications networks are designed in a loop configuration providing redundancy and diversity. Power and telecommunications services will automatically be re-routed to reach all premises within PeIP in the event of any cut in power or telecommunications cables.



We will incorporate an Independent Utility Facility (IUF) to provide:

  • Back-up services to facilitate business continuity in the event of interruptions in utility services;
  • Shared services to minimise capital expenses of buying equipment, and outsourcing of operations and maintenance of non-core assets.


We will have a series of backup power generation equipment in the IUF. In the event of a power cut from the national grid, the back-up power generation will automatically kick-in with short latency time to all PeIP premises.


Our IUF will have two sets of compressed air equipment and primary storage tanks. Compressed air will be generated and stored during the night time to take advantage of lower electricity tariff. Compressed air will be delivered through a network of buried pipes to all factory premises. You will only need to install secondary storage tanks in your premises, and pay only for the compressed air used.


We will have a dedicated area for data centres services, including the following:

  • Space to set up cold and warm site for business continuity;
  • Off-site data mirroring and back-up storage;
  • Cloud computing for server virtualisation and data storage;
  • Telecommunications equipment co-location with interconnection to wired and wireless telecommunications services;
  • Very small aperture terminal (VSAT) for satellite transmission;
  • Gateway for wide and metropolitan area networks, and internet.

(Note: Availability of the above data centre services will depend on achieving sufficient take-up rates)